Home Brewers Tap

Our Home Brewer Tap will showcase one home brewer’s creation each month.

How it works

Drop a beer you have made or post it in to 22 Victoria Street, Petone, Lower Hutt by the 20th of each month along with the recipe. Give us your recipe so we can check to see your beer reflects the tastes you were aiming for and offer you advice if it could be improved. Don’t worry we won’t share your recipe with anyone.

We will look after your beer, taste it and compare it with all the other entries for that month. The beer that we think has the most potential will win. It’s free to enter.

What you win

The winner will be invited to come and brew 50 litres of their beer on our system. Our brewers will help you and offer advice on your own home brewing. We provide all ingredients and equipment. Your beer will be sold on the FYO taps until it runs out and your name and beer will be on the Wall of Champions at Baylands Brewery. We will give you riggers of your beer and a $50 Baylands Brewery voucher.

Home brewers evening

On the last Thursday of the month, we hold a home brewers evening at the brewery from 6pm - 7.30pm. There are free drinks and nibbles and we announce the winner. The previous month’s winning brew will hit the taps that night.

Anyone can attend the Thursday event. You don’t have to have entered the competition. Each month we will have something interesting happening like Q&A sessions, tastings, guest speakers, introductions of new products, technical briefings and some special deals in store.

Extra bits to be aware of

We may need to scale your recipe for our system. We reserve the right to alter the recipe if necessary to work with our brewing equipment and brew schedule. We will try to be as flexible as we can with dates and times for brewing your beer, but if, for whatever reason, you can’t join us for the brewing of your beer - we’ll brew it for you. You can tell everyone you were there if you like, we won’t tell and we can Photoshop you in. All money from the sale of the beer will go to Baylands Brewery and we will take care of all the taxes and paperwork for brewing the beer.

Keep up to date

Watch our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for updates about the Home Brewers Tap and our home brew supplies. Facebook.com/baylandsbrewery and @baylandsbrewery